If you’ve spent any time on a golf course, sometimes it can feel as if the ball is your greatest enemy. You have a perfect swing and it still manages to hook, or the ideal putt circles the hole and somehow doesn’t go in and kills your chance for par… Yes, we’re familiar with those feelings. Having a good relationship with your golf ball is crucial, and having the best golf balls for you is the only way that can happen.

There are quite a few different kinds of golf balls out there, with new technology being developed all the time to help improve various attributes like distance, or accuracy. Looking at the pricier golf balls can be intimidating (especially if your accuracy is the thing that worries you most), especially if it’s not clear what makes them so great- aside from the shiny box that is.

What Is the Best Golf Ball?

Here at TopDown Golf we want to make sure everyone can come here to make a great purchase decision. In order to do that, you need information about what makes the best golf balls, well, the best. We have all of that and more information for you. The best golf balls for beginners, amateurs, golf ball comparisons, golf ball ratings, and much more is all here in one place for you. So what are the best golf balls for you? Navigate through the construction of top rated golf balls, how they help your game, and which best fit your individual needs here in our golf ball reviews.

best golf ball

Golf Ball Materials

Golf balls are coated with a variety of materials- each with a different purpose, and formed with a dimpled surface. Surlyn is the first, and is a synthetic resin that is extremely durable and harder shell. It helps to boost distance on shots, and spin of the ball. However, it doesn’t provide as much control as is preferred in the modern game.

The second common material used is urethane, which has a much softer feel and helps with control and feel. It is a more expensive material so is commonly used on higher end golf balls. The downside to urethane is that it is not quite as durable.

broken golf ballYou might be familiar with the word ‘balata” it is the original soft material that was used on the exterior of golf balls. It was a natural rubber but was abandoned when Surlyn was discovered, especially after softer synthetics were added to make it more flexible.

The dimples on the exterior ball also a serve a purpose, as they help reduce drag on the ball as it soars through the air. The size and shallowness of the dimples also impact the flight.

Golf Ball Design

Cheap balls, such as the ones found at your local driving range, are likely filled with the same material (surlyn) inside as they are outside. Cheaper construction makes them more disposable. However, the best

gcore ballolf balls are multi-layer, meaning they have a core that is often made from a kind of synthetic rubber or resin. Liquid cores were also used for a long time but are no longer a key material. This core is then wrapped in two or more layers before the coating is put on.

Picture the Earth for example. It is comprised of the Core, the Mantle and the Crust. The center of the golf ball is the core, and in the old days, there was no mantle. Now there can be up to three mantles before the crust on the nicest balls to allow for more control. The thickness and the material that the mantle is made out of determines the playability of the golf ball.

There are still two-layer golf balls out there, and they are intended to allow for more distance and less curve. The best golf balls for beginners will depend on what you’re struggling with. Choose based on what your still need to work on- often that is going to be control.

Golf Ball Reviews- Why the Variations?

All of this information might seem overwhelming, or even that it isn’t necessary to know before you make your purchase. However, it’s important to remember that not all golf balls are created equally. If you’re3 piece ball looking to improve the consistency of your game, then using the same golf balls for the same purposes can be key.

Because of the variation in how the best rated golf balls are made and constructed, there is quite the range in pricing, lifetime, and quality. Understanding that the difference in quality is more than just the shiny packaging we aforementioned is crucial. The ball does matter. The quality does matter. And we can’t emphasize enough, that having the right ball for you is what matters most.

13 Best Golf Balls of 2017

Enough with the coaching. We only choose the best of the best at TopDown golf. You can’t go wrong with anything from our golf ball comparison list. Take a gander of our top rated golf balls and hopefully some of them will be making their way to you soon.

Best Practice Golf Balls

1. Nitro Golf Ball Practice Bag

nitro golf practice bag

  • Recycled Golf Balls
  • No Guilt in Losing Them
  • Occasional diamonds in the rough

If you’re looking to take some balls to a private range (or rage hit some off into a deserted field somewhere) this is the best deal for you. You get 96 balls for under $30. Some of these balls used to be Grade AA, but have seen better days and are now here for your use to improve your driving abilities. No need to be worried about hitting a $5 ball into a water hazard with this bag of goodies.

Best Recycled Golf Balls

2. Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls

nike mix aaaa golf balls

  • Variety of Nike Golf Balls
  • Show Little or No Wear
  • Try Them Out Used Before You Buy Them Full Price

Imagine getting all of the best Nike golf balls in one set at a fraction of the cost. For under $25 you can acquire a variety of Nike golf ball models that have been used and repackaged for your experience. Purchasing these practice golf balls will help you try out different styles at a great price. Make note of which ones you like for future buying decisions. You’ll probably find one of the best golf ball for the money in this bag!

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

3. Wilson Titanium Ball

titanium wilson core plus ball

  • Titanium Core
  • Surlyn Exterior
  • Energy Transfer Provides Distance
  • Long Lasting
  • Affordable

Wilson Titanium Golf Balls easily have the best golf ball ratings for beginners among the competition. Constructed with a titanium core and Surlyn shell, these balls are ready to go far for you. They are also some of the best golf balls for the money because of how affordable they are. As a beginner, that’s always something to keep in mind. An expensive ball does you no good when it’s lost in the wood somewhere.

4. Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance Golf Balls

power distance nike golf balls

  • Incomer Cover
  • 2-Piece Ball

Out of all of the Nike golf ball reviews we completed, this one is the simplest. The PD Long are made with a high-velocity core that helps launch it down the fairway. There are 314 dimples that attribute to the aerodynamics that make it a great golf ball for beginners.

Best Golf Balls for Distance

5. Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

volvik golf balls

  • Patented Dual Core
  • Surlyn Crystalline Cover
  • Soft Outer, Hard Inner
  • Bright Colors for Easy Identification

The Volvik Crystal Golf Balls are the first golf ball to have a patented dual core. With a soft outer layer, they have the compression control of a performance ball. Partnered with a hard outer layer and a Surlyn coating, these balls also have the ability to absorb your inertia and gain quite a lot of distance. They are extremely durable, and available in many different colors so that no matter where you hit them they will be easy to spot.

Best Golf Balls for Amateurs

6. TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls

taylormade burner ball

  • Low Drag Aerodynamics
  • Iothane shell
  • Improves Distance and control

What if we told you that golf balls can be made to defy your mis-hits? TaylorMade Burner Golf balls are made to go farther even when you hit the ball with the top most part of your golf club. With how soft the ball is, it allows a lot of control for the casual golfer that plays with a slight handicap. It’s definitely one of the best golf balls for the money as well.

7. Precept Laddie X Golf Balls

precept laddie best golf ball

  • Ionomer Cover
  • High Launch, Low Spin
  • Simple Two Piece Design

Surprisingly, this is a top rated golf ball and is still made with a simplistic 2-piece design. Overall these are a great middle of the line ball for amateur golfers. The Value Pack is a great way to stock up at an affordable cost and avoid the stress of losing a few balls here and there. We also would recommend this as the best golf ball for seniors.

Best Golf Ball for Slow Swing Speed

8. Titleist Velocity High Golf Balls

titleist velocity

  • LSX Core
  • Trajectory Control
  • Consistent Ball Flight

These Titleist Velocity golf balls are made for deep, downrange trajectory will help you get the best spot backed by the best distance. These are all high ball numbers, and while made for high velocity they are still comfortable enough for your short game. Overall these are great balls that you’ll definitely want to invest in and keep track of.

Best Soft Golf Balls

9. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

callaway supersoft ball

  • Surlyn Coated
  • Low Compression Reduces Spin
  • Straight Ball Flight

This is the lowest compression ball that Callaway makes, and it’s also the softest ball on the market. The Low spin is a result of the compression, and helps straight ball flight. The only downside is that these balls are slightly harder to control, but the price makes them worth it.

Best Golf Ball for Speed

10. Callaway 2015 Warbird Golf Balls

warbird callaway golf balls

  • Large Core
  • Thin Surface
  • HEX Aerodynamics

The Warbird Golf Ball by Callaway is made with a larger, softer core and a thin outer surface that helps increase speed and feel simultaneously. The HEX Aerodynamics is the trademark dimple surface of many of Callaways golf balls that help lift and distance. All of this is why we consider this the best golf ball for speed.

11. Bridgestone Golf 2015 e6 Golf Balls

bridgestone golf balls e6

  • Surlyn
  • 326 web dimple pattern
  • 3-piece cover plus core
  • Professional Balls

Can there be balls that are credited with straight and long shots? If there can be, it would be these Bridgestone Golf e6 editions golf balls. It’s a 12 pack for a decent price, and Bridgestone has made a dimple surface without flaws that help to create a seamless hit.

12. Nike 20XI X Golf Balls

20XI X best nike golf balls

  • Tour level performance
  • New Resin Core
  • Distance and Control

These tour level performance Nike golf balls deliver some of the best control off of the tee. They allow some of the highest speed too. Nike consistently makes some of the best golf equipment, and we would say this is the best Nike golf ball so far.

13. Srixon Z-Star XV 2016 Golf Balls

srizon spin balls best golf ball for slow swing speed

  • Second Generation Spinskin
  • 324 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Dual Core for Spin and Trajectory

This another on of the best golf ball for slow swing speeds. Spin golf balls are made with a special exterior that enhances the spin on balls to increase distance on your drives. It leads to better roll distance as well as trajectory. If you are a target player, this is the best golf ball for you.